"The [College Football Playoff Foundation] Extra Yard For Teachers Summit has evolved to be more interactive and experienced-based, allowing attendees to engage with partners who advance and elevate teaching as a profession. 'We know teachers’ salaries don’t reflect the amount of effort that teachers bring to the table, but we work really hard to create meaningful giveaways and takeaways within the construct of the Summit.'”

— A Time to Celebrate. The Extra Yard, April 3, 2018


"Lyle is [founder of Ensemble, an experiential design studio]. She is a board member of KERA, the public radio station in Dallas.

She also culled together thinkers, doers, creators, and inventors to share their work as the founding director of TEDxSMU. 

“This is a city I want to bet on. These are people I want to do business with. This is a time I’m proud to live in Dallas, and excited about what the future holds for the city,” Lyle wrote on Dallas Innovates.”

— Movers + Shakers: North Texas Social Innovators You Should Know: Sharon Lyle. Dallas Innovates, January 22, 2018


"I grew up at the heels of oilmen and real estate moguls. It certainly wasn’t a scene out of Dallas, but true to the stereotypes the show capitalized on, there were moments that could have been."

An Evolving Love Letter to Dallas. Dallas Innovates, March 21, 2016


Before [starting TEDxSMU], I was timid and so afraid of failure. This has been a great exploration. Failure is not the end of anything. It’s an opportunity to learn and try something different.”

TEDxSMU’s Sharon Lyle talks about learning to love Dallas and the value of failure. Culture Map, THE HOTEL REVIEW, November 20, 2012